The Freedom Flotilla arrives in Liverpool

We got woken up just before 5am with screaming get on deck, get on deck immediately.  The boats engines had flooded because of the bad weather and overheated

We were like a cork in a tornado storm 

Water was coming over the side as if it was flooding the deck, running downstairs, soaking everything, doors ripped off, things flying off wall.   It was very bad. As soon as we got on deck it was lifejackets etc on immediately.  Time for swim in ocean we thought.  We were still at sea and far enough we couldn’t contact anyone to help.   Thank god one of the Norwegians phone eventually got thro to coastguard and asking for help.  They kept in touch and gave advice how to help us re starting engine.    Eventually it worked so back on track for Liverpool.  We will all be kissing the ground when we get back.  Coastguards are constantly in touch

At this point we can actually see Liverpool. Thank god.   Still haven’t found the swimming pool or jacuzzi yet

The people on this flotilla are amazing and I cannot thank them enough for all their hard work.  They do 4 hour shifts right thro the day and night.  The engines packing in was obviously not planned.  It was described that the boat was like a cork in a hurricane.  Being tossed and turned over