Statement from GPHRC

GPHRC statement: Glasgow Palestine Human Rights Campaign sends its wholehearted support and best wishes to the Freedom Flotilla Coalition @GazaFFlotilla as it sails in a valiant attempt to #BreakTheSiege of Gaza. The Flotilla will be seeking to breach Israel’s illegal and inhumane blockade, deliver vital aid, and assist the bombed and starving people of Gaza. This courageous voyage of humanity will be navigating waters that saw Israeli forces storm the Mavi Marmara aid ship in 2010, killing ten volunteers and injuring many more. Our fears for the Flotilla in international waters are heightened by the dangers it faces in trying to land its 5500 tonne cargo, given Israel’s already savage killing of over two hundred aid workers in Gaza. Israel has wilfully ignored recent International Court of Justice findings of a “plausible” genocide, and the court’s further ruling that Israel must stop blocking aid. This is why the world, and all truth-telling media, must be extra vigilant in observing and protecting the Flotilla throughout its hazardous journey. Amongst the hundreds of admirable international volunteers and human rights monitors aboard will be Margaret Pacetta, representing Glasgow Palestine Human Rights Campaign, which is part of GGEC. We wish all the Flotilla participants safe passage and successful delivery of their crucial cargo. Solidarity from Scotland with the Freedom Flotilla and all the people of Palestine.