I went to Silwan today

I went to Silwan today to see what was happening there

I went to Silwan today to see what was happening there, I know there has been a lot of problems with the Israeli Settlers there.   It is much the same as Sheik Jarrah with a tent now set up for the Palestinians to live as their homes have been taken over by the Settlers.
Again horrific stories about people being thrown out of their homes with nothing except the clothes they are wearing.     Where on earth would this happen elsewhere without the world doing something about it.  A woman cried at me and demanded why the world did not care, what could I say.   I felt worthless telling her that people did care because nothing is being done to stop it.
If the Israeli Government know you try to help they ban you from coming back.    I speak often at the stall about families torn apart by the ‘WALL’ or the monstrosity that it is.  I remember being in Aida Refugee Camp when people I know were divided by it and the heartbreak it cost them knowing they would never see them again or if their mother died they would not be able to go to their funeral.  Yes that is the reality here.
Although I spoke about it often and felt for the people, it is only now I realise being banned from Palestine the heartbreak that it causes.  I have been stopped from ever seeing my friends again.       Well the Israeli Government would like to think that, but it is not the case.
It is when it actually affects you, you realise you are torn into two pieces and will you ever feel the same again.   That is how I have felt this trip.   One of my dear friends posted a picture of him and I together as his Wall Photo on Facebook.     I burst into tears just looking at that and even now I just want to reach out and give him a hug.    He was my son in Palestine and I was his mother in Scotland.
Walking back to the Hostel tonight a strange thing happened to me.    There I was just walking along the Old City  when a parrot, yes a parrot flew right into my stomach.  Well it clutched on for dear life.     Well at least it had a soft landing that is all I can say.
Two minutes later 2 men came running towards me to reclaim this poor bird.   The strange things that happen in PALESTINE.      YES JERUSALEM, PALESTINE.        INSHALLA