Well with an extremely heavy heart

Well with an extremely heavy heart and tears in my eyes

Well with an extremely heavy heart and tears in my eyes and I am not joking I arrived back in Palestine, Jerusalem.    It is heartbreaking to think all my friends are just less than half an hour away and they cannot come to me and I cannot go to them.          I truly know what it feels like to be a Palestinian who cannot visit their family because of checkpoints .
I have been meeting with old friends in Jerusalem and tomorrow I shall speak with somebody important to me as to what to do.
AM I GOING TO THE WEST BANK?        Well what do you think, of course I am.
I am making sure though and please tell my friend Mary that I have all my goods in order for the stall first as she does not have internet.
After that well if I am caught I am caught.      As long as I do everything for the stall first that is what matters.
Well only in Jerusalem a few hours and was at my first demonstration at Damascus Gate today.  As people will know the Palestinians are demonstrating everywhere today re Gaza and my intention was to be in Nablus today but sadly not.
So they think they have denied me but first demonstration on my first day.  More to follow Inshalla
I swear on my mother’s life he told me the Palestinians should all be wiped out.  There was no place for them in Israel.   He then went to book me a flight home, I told him I had no money and he quoted some airlines regulations that apparently if you go to a country and they do not want you they have to take you home.  Then they will get the money from me back home.  He said he would book it there and then and then he shoved a paper towards my hand and said ‘I SHALL GIVE YOU ONE CHANCE TO STAY IN ISRAEL.  BUT YOU ARE BARRED FROM THE WEST BANK COMPLETELY.   He told me if I went within a miles radius of a checkpoint they would immediately arrest me and deport me.
My first reaction was to tell him to stuff something where the sun does not shine and I did tell him to keep it and book me a flight.  I knew there was no way he was letting me in to Palestine.  Then I remembered because of our Campaign and we need goods to sell to make money to finance our projects I had to get in.
I had to ask him to let me stay in Israel, I am SO, SO, SO, SORRY everybody I feel that the disgusting Minster of Interior and what they do has won.     Again as I said I need Palestinian goods to keep the Campaign going.
He stamped my passport as high security risk and told me again I would be arrested and deported.