It is Purim here

It is Purim here

Walking through the Old City after being sent a lovely e mail from Mo saying Happy Mothers Day wish I was spending it with you. His family live in Jordan and he is alone here and depends on his friends coming to see him, and slowly one by one we are all being denied entry. I cannot imagine what that feels like to not just lose one friend but constantly.

It is Purim here, a Jewish festival similar to Halloween back home. I have been in Tel Rumedia at this time and it is hellish for the Palestinian people. They are confined to their homes and cannot move as the Israeli Army make it a closed military zone area. In others words only the Israelis can come out on the street to celebrate and make fun of the Palestinians confined to their homes.

I came across a youngish family, they were speaking in a loud American accent, saying how good it was to be back in their land. The young boy aged approx ten year old had been dressed up as an Israeli Soldier with his hat proudly proclaiming Israeli Army and he was pointing his gun towards the Palestinians passing by. A definite recruit for the future I would say.

My anger spilled over and I went up to them and asked them the difference between Adolf Hitler and the way his son was dressed. I pointed out that Adolph Hilter carried out the crimes of the Holocaust and the Israeli Army are carrying out the Palestinian one. The look on their faces made me glad I had said this.