The settlers smashed the windows

Approx 2 o’clock in the morning the settlers smashed the windows


Last night I stayed with a Palestinian family who had major problems with Israeli Settlers the night before.  It is Ramaddan here and the settlers were running amok throwing bricks at the Palestinian family’s home and managed to smash 3 windows.  We have paid for replacement windows from the Campaign.

Approx 2 o’clock in the morning the settlers smashed the windows and sprayed a substance through the window.  I was told it was a form of pepper spray.  This also happened on my last visit at Asir A Qabliya.  The woman of the house was sprayed directly in the eyes as she looked out when they sprayed it on her face.

I am disgusted at what these, I am sorry I cannot call them people do in the name of Israel.  Why is their government letting them away with it?  Well I do know the answer of course.

It seems as if near enough every country has some human rights group here, but Israel still does what it wants.

I was horrified to hear Obama say ‘East Jerusalem” is not part of the Peace Agreement he wants for the pull out of Settlements.  In other words he has told ISRAEL TO GO AHEAD AND TAKE OVER ALL THE PALESTINIAN HOMES IN JERUSALEM.

Tony Blair, who stays 3 minutes away from the Palestinian families who were evicted still has not visited them.  Middle East Peace Envoy – YOU MUST BE JOKING.