Members of the Campaign have arrived

Members of the Campaign have arrived

Well other members of the Campaign have arrived and we set off through Bethlehem Checkpoint to visit some of the students we fund.

As usual we kicked up a fuss at the Checkpoint.  I myself feel it is wrong to go through a checkpoint without saying anything, because it then becomes accepted to treat people like that.  IT CERTAINLY IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO TREAT THE PALESTINIANS LIKE THAT.

They have now got cards like our new passport photos with the iris of their eyes being scanned and also their fingerprints.  All to go back to their own home in Bethlehem.  Saying that our students are not allowed to go to Jerusalem from Bethlehen, a journey of half an hour.  Yet we can travel all around the West Bank with no problems.

As usual we passed through the checkpoint after John started telling the soldier he was acting like Rambo and we told him to put down his gun and fight like a real man – man to man.  Once we were going through the turnstyle we too placed our hands on the fingerprint machine and when told ‘take your hand off, you do not have to do that’ we asked why and told him we were Palestinian too.  The look on their faces when you say that.

So we all joined together singing WE ARE ALL PALESTINIAN, IN OUR THOUSANDS AND OUR MILLIONS making our way through the checkpoint.  Another favourite of ours is maybe a bit to rude to put on the website but we sung it anyway.

We met with our student and celebrated ifta (break fast) with the family.  What wonderful people they are and now she is struggling to put her father through more surgery as he is losing his sight due to cataracts.

We shall of course as a Campaign make a donation to this.

We are met with such hospitality and warmth it makes you feel so very humble.

We also made donations to 6 poor families in Azah Refugee Camp.

You feel so bad because you know there are 3 Refugee Camps in Bethlehem and each one has poor families but you can only help so many.

As usual we handed out fairy dresses, crayons, clothes and the look on the childrens faces made all our day.  Anybody who thinks it is a waste of time to do this, should try it and see what they think then.

We once again made our way back through the checkpoint making sure all the Palestinians got through in front of us.  It is amazing what International faces can do at the checkpoints now.  For some reason they are speeded up, I wonder why?    NOT