I just had a chuckle to myself

I just had a chuckle to myself when I remember what happened the other day


I just had a chuckle to myself when I remember what happened the other day.  You can rest assured when any of us go through a checkpoint, we let the IOF know exactly what we think of them.

This was when I was coming back from Nillin, I was absolutely exhausted and after waiting three quarters of an hour to get through Kalandia Checkpoint, I thought to myself I will just saw they are committing war crimes and will be tried when they eventually are hunted down for the crimes towards the Palestianian people.

Well I never even got that far, because there was an absolutely disgusting young girl shouting at the Palestinians, demanding they go forward and backwards and all the time she sat on her phone, no doubt letting somebody hear what she was doing.  She seemed quite proud of the humiliation she was causing.

When it was my turn I merely said to her ‘YOU ARE A NASTY BIT OF STUFF’.

She screamed, flung something against the door and told me to stay there.  4 soldiers came running towards me and shoved me into the roof saying they heard what I said.

They then told me that I called her a bastxxx.  For once I did not but it was so funny, the time I decided not to get too mouthy was the time they accused me of being so.

The outcome was, eventually they let me go.  It was iftar, break fast and some Palestinians had waited for me to come out the checkpoint so they could give me a lift back.  They congratulated me on calling her a bastxxx.  I truly did not, but tomorrow who knows.