Bullets were fired

Bullets were fired and tear gas and sound grenades


Well off I went to the demonstration in Nillin.  We all marched out the village towards the gate and fence.  Some of the Palestinians and other activists started to tear away the barbed wire and we were met with horrendous amounts of tear gas.

It was quite a short demonstration I was told, definitely far shorter than the one I was at last year but of course it is Ramadan here.  The Palestinians are fasting during the day.

Bullets were fired and tear gas and sound grenades.

This is of course on Palestinian land, the villagers own land where the Israeli Occupation fire at them randomly.

Eventually the soldiers came running through the gate and started firing at us as we made our way back to the village.

The Palestinian people are so very brave and as I shouted to one soldier ‘PUT YOUR GUN DOWN AND FIGHT LIKE A REAL MAN’.

He shouted back a phrase which I am TRULY SICK OF HEARING NOW


I shouted back to him do you not realise I would have been standing protecting you many years go.

It meant nothing, they are so brainwashed it is unbelievable.  I wonder if it is part of their training .