Boy in a wheelchair

Boy in a wheelchair

Another day at Kalandia Checkpoint.  Queue again to get through – What happened to the so called making it easier for people to get through due to Ramaddan.  A PACK OF LIES AS USUAL BY THE IOF.

As we were giving the usual abuse to the soldiers who man this disgusting piece of metal a Palestinian was shouting to us about a young boy who is in a wheelchair and could not get through the turnstyle to get out.boy11

What happened is that they usually make him go through the way the buses go,  but sometimes for fun they make him queue at the turnstyle to go through.  They opened a special gate to let him in then locked him with no way out except another door and they refused to open it for him to let him out.  He had been there for 2 hours apparently.

So of course we immediately jumped into gear and kicked up hell to get this young man out.  After 30 minutes or so we eventually got him released from the checkpoint.

Next time we bumped into him at Damascus Gate, Jerusalem what a wonderful young boy he was.

He goes to Nillin and Billin and Sheik Jarra.   SO VERY BRAVE see video below