Palestinians being evicted.

Stoping Palestinians from being evicted.

Well the 2 Johns arrived a fortnight ago.  What a wonderful time we all had.  We broke fast nearly every night with our Palestinian friends.  By that I mean it is Ramadan here and we do not eat or drink until approx 6pm Palestinian time.

If I remember rightly near enough their first night here was spent sleeping on a Palestinians courtyard to protect the Palestinians from being evicted.
John is going to write a piece about it with pictures.  Briefly the story is that the Israeli settlers broke into part of a Palestinian home and changed the locks when the Palestinian family were at hospital.
The Palestinians are now under threat of being evicted and need Internationals to sleep there 24 hours a day to prevent them from being evicted.
I left the 2 of them there as there were enough people and made my way back to a lovely comfy bed in the Hostel.
I chuckled to myself when I left them sleeping in the courtyard on a matress.
It is terrible how the Palestinians need to depend on Internationals to safeguard them.
The American Consulate, believe it or not actually told us that if it was not for the Internationals presence the family would have been evicted.
As I said before, you do not need to attend demonstrations  or do anything you are not comfortable with there is a place for everyone.
All this family require is for Internationals to stay there.
A small thing to do to protect somebodys house.  Could you imagine this happening to an Israeli family?    NEVER, NEVER.