Held in a tiny cell

Palestinian man held in what can only be described as a tiny cell

Yesterday I went to Ramallah to catch the service to the demonstration at Nillin only to find out it had been called off.

As I was going through the checkpoint I saw a young  Palestinian man held in what can only be described as a tiny cell with bars at the checkpoint.

I approached 2 women, who I assumed were Maschoun Watch, (one of the Israeli Peace Movement Groups)  and asked them if they could find out how long the boy had been there and why he was placed there.  The soldiers listen to them before us.

The reply I received was ‘ I AM JEWISH ‘.  I replied to her I didn’t care what she was but she was a human being as I was and also the young boy in the Cell.

She told me she was there to protect the soldiers, at this point it clicked they were indeed settlers.  We had an exchange of words and I had to walk away before I really lost my temper with her.  I do not know if it had anything to do with me but the young boy in the cell was handed his papers and let go.

This is a new thing they are doing at Hawarra checkpoint, they maybe offer the soldiers massages and paint their nails for them and Reika.  I wouldn’t be surprised.

As I said the demo was called off and I made my way back to Nablus.

Again another night full of explosions and listening to the Army carrying out their actions.

At nightime we only go out on the streets if we are asked.  The Palestinians care about what happens to us and do not want us caught in the middle.  If only the IOF cared about us the same.