Nillin will take place tomorrow

Nillin will take place tomorrow

Well I have been told the demonstration in Nillin will take place tomorrow at 2pm.  I must admit to being a bit apprehensive but know that the Palestinians depend on us to go.

If it was not for us going, by that I mean Internationals the soldiers would use live bullets.

This point was proved last week when they shot dead 2 Palestinians.  Only aged only 10 YEARS.

They were at the demonstration and the Internationals had walked away with the Palestinians when the 10 year old boy ran back to collect his shoe.  He was murdered with a single live bullet to the head.

TEN YEARS OLD.   I have seen the pictures and they are horrific.

Who in their right mind can shoot a child cold blooded.  Well the Israeli Army can no problem.  They answer to no one and an entire village left to grieve.

Well my friend George who is making a film about the occupation was at a childrens group in Nablus and he was telling me about the children and the Scottish lady who was working there.

Yes SHEENA it is you.  We are both back in Nablus at the same time.

George is doing fantastic work here at his own expense.

People can talk about figures and statistics but I feel sometimes they forget about the people.  They have names, they have faces, they have families and they need people to talk to.

I know the Politics are important but for me the people are just as important or maybe in my eyes MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING.

As I said in my previous e mail the French Vans containing the medical equipment and medicines got in.   It takes away some of the disappointment that the Scottish van which we partly filled never went through.   Lets hope that it is the start of more vans coming over.  I myself know of another 3 in the pipeline.

Well I will let you know how Nillin is tomorrow.  Hopefully it should be okay and nobody gets hurt.  I very much doubt that though.  Lets hope.