Hospitalised and arrested at NILLIN today

Hospitalised and arrested at NILLIN today

Well today I set off to Nillin for the demonstration.  I met many old friends of mine including some Israeli’s.

The demonstration was set to start at 2pm and I arrived at eleven thirty in the morning to be met with tear gas and bullets in the centre of the village.

A woman’s window was broken by a tear gas canister fired by the Israeli Occupation Forces where inside was a woman and a 10 month old baby.  I am still trying to find out how they are.

I paid for the window to be replaced, I hope that is alright with everyone in the Campaign.  Well I know it will.  It costs approx Ten Pound  with an exchange rate of 6 shekels to the pound.

Well at 2 o clock we set off again for the demonstration that was planned and made it to the olive groves.  Ten minutes later we were surrounded by IOF firing tear gas into the crowd.  My dear friend B and I lagged behind because this was a tear gas I have never experienced before.   I have been tear gassed so many times like everyone here in Palestine but this was something different.

We kept walking the best we could but 3 soldiers started firing the tear gas directly towards us, not in an arc like they should but towards our bodies.  They also did this to the Palestinians as well and Israeli’s.

My friend B who was with me shouted at them ASTHMA, ASTHMA she cannot breath.  She shouted this in Hebrew, this resulted in them firing more tear gas at us.  Boom, boom, boom it came.  Eventually a Palestinian when we reached the road took us in his car and the ambulance came and demanded they take me to hospital.  I only went when they assured me that there was another ambulance there as well if it was needed.  By this time I was going blue.

So the usual treatment at hospital, nebulisers, oxygen, steroids and I was let out.  I felt so bad because I explained I had insurance, but would not tell them how my asthma attack happened and it would give them funds.

They refused completely and said it was like them inviting me to dinner and me bringing my own food.

I heard there was a Palestinian shot with a rubber bullet which is very, very near his heart, I am still trying to find out how he is.

Anyone who tells you that the IOF are the most moral army in the world, ARE LIARS, LIARS.

On the way back from the hospital my dear friend left me to make her way back to where she was going and I headed for Al Quds because I am visiting one of my dear friends in Azah Camp tomorrow.

The checkpoint was closed for one hour and once eventually I got through we were stopped 5 minutes later by the Israeli Police asking for passports.  I told him I was not giving him it because I was in Palestine.  He told me it was Israel and I told him Palestine will be Free and it was Palestine.  He shook his head and got off the bus.


You need a reason to go to Palestine well that is it.

Two minutes later they dragged a young tourist of the bus who had taken a picture of them.  He was terrified, obviously he really was a tourist.  They pushed him against the wall and I got off the bus to show solidarity with him.  I told them they behaved like nazis.  BIG, BIG MISTAKE WITH THESE GUYS.

They let the young boy go, who obviously did not feel the need for solidarity with me and arrested me.  I told the bus to go but they stayed for half an hour to eventually I demanded they go.

I still have the bandage on my arm where my drips were administered and blood on my arm, it looked quite good actually.  I told them I was just out of hospital pointing to my bandage and blood where I had 2 strokes and I felt quite ill again and hoped I was not going to take another one in front of them as they would not let me go back to my supposed Hotel.  Actually it is a hostel.

They told me to stay because they were taking me to interrogate me, so there I am trying to delete all my messages when the jeep came to take me to the interrogation centre.

Who needs acting skills, I nearly collapsed in front of them, holding onto the jeep, strokes and asthma comes in handy at times.

They decided not to take me to the jeep but gave me a serious telling off and said if they see me again or even with my Free Palestine t shirt which I had on they would arrest me.

So a few hours later I made it to Al Quds.  So having the asthma attack today helped me out of that situation, so it was obviously meant to be.

As for the Campaign members there are so, so many friends who know all of you, even young Alan K.  I do not want to name them obviously.

I read an e mail someone had sent from The Free Gaza Boat that said

When they came for the Jews I did nothing

Well I cannot do the same thing, we need to speak out for the Palestinians.  They need help now.  Not later, or years away but NOW.

I just think of that young Palestinian on the bus who thanked me for saying it was Palestine that is all the thanks I need and also the campaign members who would have done the same thing.



Palestine will be free one day