Arrived back in Palestine

Arrived back here yesterday and am now in Balata, Nablus.


My arrival at theairport was met with the usual welcoming committee waiting for me.  They have such a welcoming manner at the airport.

They strip you, go through all your luggage, interrogate you.  They to finish it off they ask you ‘WHY DO YOU KEEP COMING HERE, ISRAEL DOES NOT WANT YOU’?

I was held for only 3 and a half hours this time but was worried I was not going to get in.  At the point they usually let me go, they made me go back to visit the Police in the airport.

As usual there were conditions to sign about not visiting the West Bank but I told them I was visiting theChurch in Bethlehem.  They were arguing about something to do with me about Bethlehem in Hebrew, I do not know what it was, I just keep hearing Bethlehem mentioned.  They obviously did not want me to get in, but eventually after insisting I would not be deported they let me go.  I think it must have been something to do with the fake charges the last time about me assaulting an Israeli Soldier at Bethlehem Checkpoint.  Utter rubbish.  It is a ploy they make to try and deny entry to people coming back.

So with a spring in my step and  a smile on my face I headed for the bus to Al Quds, Jerusalem.  I spent the night there and made my way back to Balata.

I stopped at the ISM Office in Ramallah only to meet up with so many dear friends of mine from the past.  I have a friend there whose visa has now run out, there is no way they will extend it and he says he cannot bring himself to leave.  He is always looking for excuses along the line of, well it is Mohammed’s birthday coming up, I might as well just wait.  Then it is Carolla is coming back to Palestine I would like to see her and so on and on.

There is something about the Palestinian people that seems to get right into your heart and soul and you cannot bear to leave them.  They are such wonderful people.

It also happened to be ISM training, and Brenda,Carolyne andLaura can you believe the new people heard about the MAD SCOTTISH WOMEN WHO WERE OVER LAST YEAR.

Dancing ring a ring a roses around the soldiers, hokey cokey in front of the army jeeps.

PEACEFUL, NON VIOLENT.   It is being used as a good example.   WELL DONE GPHRC.

Well I left Ramallah and made my way back home to Nablus.   Hawarra

Checkpoint is now being made into a gigantic Terminal,like Bethlehem we think.

I arrived late last night and sorted out my bed in the flat.  Well I should say I decided what mattress I was sleeping on the floor on.   Oh the joys of being back.

I sat on the roof top looking over Nablus and at the secret Israeli bases on the hilltops and thought how good it was to be back.

Of course I never had a good sleep for explosions from the Israeli Occupation Forces going off in the Old City, but it is strange how you get used to it.  The first few times I visited Nablus when I heard them I was terrified now you just accept it as part of life here from the occupation.