200 settlers carrying guns

Asira Al Qibliya where there were approximately 200 settlers carrying guns

Well yesterday morning we were called to the village of Asira Al Qibliya where there were approximately 200 settlers carrying guns coming down from the Settlement to the village along with the Israeli Army and Police.

Just before we got there, several Palestinians were shot with live ammunition from the settlers.
We made our way up to the house at the top of the village, the nearest to the settlement where there are now painted 5 stars of David.  The settlers cut the Palestinians water pipes that come from the water container sunk into the ground.  They then prised open the water tanks lid and threw some unknown object into it.  So now the family cannot use their water container.
We stayed at one of the Palestinians homes that was most under threat as it is the nearest to the settlement.  We were later joined by Action Stills, a group of Israeli’s who put photos about the occupation on their website and also the Israeli Anarchists.
We all sat around and later that night approx 40 to 50 settlers began to make their way down the mountain towards us.  These are the people whom I fear the most, as they do what they want with the army not even trying to stop them.  Remember they fire live bullets randomly.asira
We decided we would all as Internationals and Israeli’s  stand at the entrace of the house and let the Army see that we were present,
For some reason the settlers went back up the hill.
We all decided to stay in the village that night and split up into a few houses incase the Settlers came down again early morning.
The ISMers stayed in one house and the Israeli’s in the other.
Approx 4am the army came into the village and went to 2 houses.  In the first one where there were no Internationals, the army went in and threw out all the beds and mattresses and furniture.
In the 2nd house they were surprised to find a crowd of Israeli’s.  This family of course were treated much better than the first one.  There was no throwing out of furniture and apparently they were treating the family better.
Again it proves the point that if there are witnesses about they do treat the families better.
So eventually about 7am we managed to get back to bed for half an hour.
This is everyday life in this village apparently but you could only imagine the sight of 200 extremist settlers coming down the mountain fully armed and shooting at people.
As I said several Palestinians were injured and no arrests.
Could you imagine if it was the other way around?