Using the arts as a model for social change, The Freedom Theatre is developing the only professional venue for theatre and arts in the north of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The aim of this project is to empower and give voice to the children of Jenin Refugee Camp through a unique programme of workshops and activities in theatre, supporting arts and multi-media, ranging in their emphasis from the largely therapeutic and healing, to the presentation of high-quality artistic products.

Empowering Children and Youth

The main aim of this programme is to provide the children and youth of Jenin Refugee Camp with a safe space in which they are free to express themselves and in which they can develop the skills, self-knowledge and confidence which would empower them to challenge present realities and to reach out beyond the limits of their own community.

Isolated from the world and subject to nightly incursions by the Israeli Army, these are growing up amidst a seemingly endless cycle of violence and oppression. Living with chronic fear, depression and often deeply traumatised, they are largely deprived of a normal childhood in which to play, experiment, and develop a healthy and meaningful sense of themselves and their surroundings The GPHRC donated a substantial amount money to this worthwhile organisation.

Arna’s Children 1hour 26 mins.