Aida Refugee Camp

Aida Refugee Camp

The picture on the above is of Aida Camp where two of the Campaign members were visiting their close friends. This wonderful family run a group for young children from 3 years of age to 16 years of age.
They cannot continue their activities without funding. It is the small things in life that mean so much.
One example was when we were there, one of the children had a birthday. She turned 5 years old. Because of our funding, they could afford to buy a present and have a birthday cake and a party for her.
This is only one of the projects that this Campaign and the people of Glasgow have helped raise funds for. People have donated toys as well as money and digital cameras.

One camp in particular has asked us to try and supply cameras to them so they can record the human right abuses that the Israeli Soldiers commit daily

GPHRC Members in Aida Refugee Camp

amal pic


GPHRC in Palestine 2007 (154)

The Amal Center is a situated in Bethlehem and is subjected to almost daily invasions into the Camp most of the people in Aida have never been out the Camp almost 7years the picture above is of some of our Members with a wonderful Family who run a kinder garden with nearly 150 children when we first met this Family they have 6 children and no resources at all, thanks to the People who support our Campaign for making this possible