‘The sun doesn’t shine in the camp’

 ‘The sun doesn’t shine in the camp’ 35mins


Interviews include:

* The Abu Lel family speaking about their home being demolished by the IOF
* Dalal Salami, local MP
* Wafa Abu-Arab, teacher and coordinator of the local Disability Committee
* Hala, a 14 year-old school student
* Asem, an 18 year-old school student
* Hamoudi, a 7 year-old school student and stone-thrower

This movie is part of the collection: Community Video

Director: Mika Minio-Paluello & Kelly Bornshlegel
Producer: Balata Film Collective
Contact Information: info@balatacamp.net

http://www.balatacamp.netisual: sound, color
Keywords: palestine; balata; resistance