One of our Members from GPHRC are onboard

Nearly a week ago I received an invitation to join the above.  “After much begging” 😂.   So the boat never came to Glasgow it was held up at Laggan Locks near fort William.  So I travelled up there to join the crew.   I must admit I was a bit nervous turning up not knowing anybody. Within 5 minutes we felt as if we knew each other for a long time. It is indeed a family. 

Mags in her Life Jacket

All committed to Palestine 🇵🇸 and the cause and showing solidarity to the people of Gaza. 

This is definitely a working ship.  I mean non stop.  From fixing electrics on the ship, fixing life jackets and survival suits and the list goes on and on

There are two Norwegians on the ship, American,Israeli,Glaswegian,Palestinian, Canadian and Liverpudlian.    One of them is a trained chef and food is excellent

There is one thing about Palestinian solidarity.  It brings the best people together 

We are now in open sea heading out to get fuel.  After that we are bound for Liverpool.  We are going around the Isle of Man then crossing to Liverpool. 

The trip is about fundraising for the same boat which will go to Gaza next spring.  Meeting different groups on the way around Europe.   Talking to individuals at the port.  Showing solidarity with the people of Gaza. 

It is an old fishing vessel from Norway and will go back to Norway for the winter.   

They are planning to stop at Liverpool, waterford, Ireland then Cardiff, Bristol, Southampton, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Halmstad, Gothenburg then Oslo

I am so amazed at the people on this boat, trained chef, lots of onboard are trained fishermen for many years, and a captain who only came for a day has been here for a week at least.   He’s from Liverpool so getting off there.   All not taking a penny for doing this amazing flotilla and working non stop.  Giving up their family life for the people of Gaza.   Even paying for their plane fair.   Solidarity indeed.   

Today we are in the open sea and been told the weather is to be extremely bad further on.  So I have my travel sickness tablets and the travel bands you wear on your wrist.  I am the only one who dreaded going into the open sea. All the others are ecstatic when they see the rough seas   As I said they are all fisherman and live their lives at sea 

I am lucky that I could make this journey, albeit I get off the boat on Monday to let others on.  This is how the boat works going around Europe.  Every so often at different ports they change people to let others on the boat

For me now to participate in this Flotilla is a dream come true.  I have received a lifetime ban from Palestine  because I have friends in Palestine.  Apparently that’s a threat 

I am so DEEPLY HONOURED to be a part of this and spend time with people around the world.   We are a family indeed.  Everybody working together as a team 

So far no sea sickness so fingers crossed. So for all the people who show your solidarity for Palestine  you are indeed here with us in spirit.  

Will let people know how things go