Leaving Today

Today sadly I leave the freedom flotilla coalition.   I always so inspired by this flotilla coalition but spending time on the boat Omg what can I say.  We are only going around Europe, albeit problems on the way but for everyone who went to Gaza Omg YOU ARE AMAZING.  Heard the stories of what you all endured    I am so inspired by what you do. We don’t always hear the full facts but promise you I will scream from the rooftops.   Words fail me. True human beings who do actually put their lives on the line.  I remember meeting Hedy, Freda and Mary in Hebron and know they all have put their lives on the line. Along with Neta, Theresa and Sandra. And many more.  We met at Asas wedding   You are all amazing.  As for people who have commitments we all agree you are with us in spirit.     I salute the amazing crew I worked with. “I am the diver of the Handala” boat. Long story but funny.     Couldn’t wish for better crew.  The world is a better place with all of these people in it. I inspire to be 50 per cent of them.  On the boat the song was WE ARE ALL FAMILY

And indeed we are.  Friends for life